Review: Regina Spektor at Manchester Apollo!

Regina, Regina, Regina! I love her so much and had been waiting, so excited, about this gig for ages. It did not disappoint. First for the support act of the lovely Jenny Owen Youngs. I am familiar with her stuff but never had a proper listen, but I was very impressed. She charmed the audience with laughter, and a mixture of pretty folk songs and pop-rock stuff.

Then for Regina, the show was fully seated, suitable in some ways, but it took away some of the wonderful crowd atmosphere she gave at Glastonbury. She started with The Calculation, also the first off the new album Far, and continued through some new, and some old songs. Her voice is flawless live, exactly as it is on record, but I prefer her live as she is more stripped back, which I think is where she is best. She was joined only by a drummer, cellist, violinist, and herself on piano. She also played guitar part way through for bobbing for apples (‘someone next door is fucking to my song’), and sang a cappella, that was AMAZING! Her encore consisted of Samson, I think my favourite of the set, then Us, Fidelity and she finished with Hotel Song. She didn’t chat with the audience much, as she did at Glastonbury, but was sweet and shy, but lovely all the same. Overall, an amazing evening with an amazing lady!

This is Regina playing Samson on the culture show a few years ago, and below that is her on Jools Holland recently, playing Blue Lips of her new album, Far!


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