New Treat #8: Whalebone Polly

Whalebone Polly is made up of Rachael Dadd and Kate Stables (of This is the Kit). The sweet music consists of beautiful harmonies, banjo’s,and accordions, you can definitely hear the This is the Kit influences. They have released an EP recently, called ‘Taproot and Still’ which is available to buy here and if your lucky it comes in a beautiful handmade case, made by the band. They don’t have any UK dates as Rachael lives and tours in Japan and Kate in france, but its still some lovely listening. There EP is on Spotify too. Below is a mp3 of there song ‘Turnip Turned’ and below that is a video of a lovely song called ‘Our Socks forever more’

Whalebone Polly- Turnip Turned


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One response to “New Treat #8: Whalebone Polly

  1. Chris

    It’s such a great EP! Love it! x

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