New Treats #6: Blind Pilot

I have listened to Blind Pilot on and off for ages but I still don’t have there album (ahh! why is this??) so i think they can count as my new treat! The band who are from Portland in the US are like a lighter shade of Fanfarlo, simple, beautiful, sunny day music but with depth, thats always nice! They have been on tour with the Decemberists, the Hold Steady, Counting Crows and The Low Anthem and are currently touring the US with Laura Veirs and The Hall of Flames, yet they still haven’t got the recognition they well deserve here in the UK. So spread the word, Blind Pilot are wonderful! There album, 3 rounds and a sound is out now and is also on Spotify, so have a listen!

This is a rather lovely official video for ‘Go on Say it’ and man! how nice is this house!

And this is a free ep of the song ‘3 rounds and a sound’ live from a daytrotter session (i LOVE daytrotter sessions!) And I think it’s even lovelier than the original!

Blind Pilot- 3 Rounds and a Sound (Daytrotter session)

Enjoy! x



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