New Treats #5: Hot Feet

yayy the 5th New Treat! quite exciting!

So, this is Hot Feet. There is a sufficient lack of Hot Feet around I feel, no YouTube videos (which i can find!), nothing on the hype machine, and only some Myspace demo tracks! (although some rather nice photos as shown above). Hot Feet however do have some rather wonderful harmonies, pretty songs and a beautiful female singer. Her voice is similar to Blue Roses’ Laura Groves and the folk line-up of guitar, double bass, violin and sometimes mandolin and banjo often sounds a little like if Fanfarlo were always acoustic. Its all quite sweet. They are unsigned, although released a self-titled EP last year, although I have no idea where to find this! The few songs on myspace are wonderfully delicate, pretty and melodious, my favourite being Monsoon and also Golden Apple. Listen Below…

And that is all I have to give you on Hot Feet! but as I feel like I should give you an mp3 or a video, so this is competly unrelated, but this mp3 has been on YouTube for ages as a video, and is of my favourte song, by my favourite artist, Laura Marling. This is Blackberry Stone, live with Marcus Mumford. And it might just be the most beautiful thing ever…

Laura Marling and Marcus Mumford- Blackberry Stone (live)


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