Beautiful, beautiful Autumn!


I think autumn is so lovely! even though the weather isn’t too good, and when i leave college its already dark, there is just a lovely atmosphere and everything looks so pretty, the colours, there stunning. Some things to celebrate autumn…

Last Friday i went to see Johnny Flynn at the leeds brudenell social club in leeds, a wonderful venue and an incredible performance. he charmed the audience with beautiful songs, new and old, some nice friendly banter with the audience, and even the reciting of poetry! my videos (of which there is 4 i think) will be on YouTube right now, so go and see!  His new E.P (yay!), Sweet William comes out next month and can be pre-ordered today.

I am also, (from the recommendation of Marcus Mumford), now reading the Book Thief, which i have been told is tragic, so it would be lovely to discuss it when i have finished! Last week I also discovered, and for anyone who likes vintage and handmade clothes it really is the place to go! i have my eyes set on some beautiul vintage brogues and a necklace with a pretty bird on the end. 🙂

I also made a playlist, its supposed to represent autumn-ness but its more like a collection of songs i very much like at the moment. i am hoping there will be lots more playlists to come. But enjoy anyway 🙂

1# autumn ghosts, darkness and falling leaves

Anna x


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