New Treats #2: Cherbourg

maybe i’m cheating this week as cherbourg aren’t really new to me. i first heard about them when they toured with mumford and sons which was quite a while ago now, but i never properly listened to them. anyway, a few weeks ago i was watching some of the ray-ban balcony sessions which includes the likes of peggy sue and laura marling (all wearing ray-bans) and i noticed cherbourg and watched the video, and it was so good! they have seem to have risen out of the london nu-folk seen, from the likes of laura marling, mumford and sons, johnny flynn (a scene which i love and dominates my musical listening) and so they have a very mumford and sons thing about them- the harmonies, strong melodies, string solos… but its got an edge, and you can hear the influences of the arcade fire and maybe even rock bands like kings of leon. tomorrow night (2nd sept) they are doing there biggest ever headline show at the ICA, tickets 8.50. they also have a number of EP’s avaliable through Rough Trade and also iTunes. here is a mp3 of my favourite Cherbourg song, Horses…

Cherbourg- Horses

and there beautiful single ‘Man’

also, does anyone know if the violinist played with laura marling on her novemeber 2008 night terror tour??

i hope you like them! 🙂 xxx

p.s. sorry for the lack of updating the blog, my laptop broke. hopefully in the next few days though there will be a noah and the whale review on there new and so far very beautiful album, the first days of spring, and also lots of new and unseen glastonbury 2009 videos and some small reviews (what i can remember!) including laura marling, florence and the machine and neil young!


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