New Treats #1: Dear Reader

I love finding new music so this part of the blog is called New Treats, every time i find a new band i love i will introduce them to you. Hopefully there will be at least 1 a week. Today, the band is called Dear Reader. I came across them while listening to a playlist made by For Folks Sake. The band remind me of a mixture between Simon and Garfunkel and Regina Spektor.  Cherilyn MacNeil has such a sweet voice which is backed by rich melodies, acoustic guitars, strings and heavy piano. The band, who are from South Africa released there album, Replace Why with Funny, in February of this year and are playing a show in london on October 14th as part of a European Tour although no other UK dates have been arranged. This is a live video of the lovely band playing a song which is probally my favourite of the moment, Never Goes…

and here is a mp3 of Deerheart…

Dear Reader- Deerheart



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2 responses to “New Treats #1: Dear Reader

  1. I feared they would just be Regina Spektor-lite but there is real substance there. Very nice.

    Good luck with the blog, looks great and have subscribed x

    p.s if you could change the name of my blog in yr blog roll to ‘Faded Glamour’ instead of KHI, would be much appreciated!

  2. piapressure

    Love this band!!! Fully!
    Local is lekker 🙂

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